Solpirita is a local company based in Gran Canaria, with extensive experience in the island property market. Whether you want to Buy, Sell or Lease Your Home in Gran Canaria, we can help you to generate the best possible revenue from your property. 

If you are looking for a professional Manager to take care of your Property in Gran Canaria, get in contact with us, and we will advice you. 

Our Services

With your own Property:

  • Sell - Homestaging
  • Rental Services:

             Holiday Rental

             Seasonal Rental

             Long Term Rental

Looking for an Accomodation:

  • Buy
  • Rental Services:

             Holiday Rental

             Seasonal Rental

             Long Term Rental

You want to Sell or Lease your Property

We will give visibility to your property through quality, multi-lingual listings in the most relevant property platforms, and will present it on-premise to potential buyers.

In case you decide to lease your property, we will find suitable tenants for your property, for a season or long term.

Photography and Interior Design

We'll make sure you make the best first impression by helping you to refresh the decor in your property, according to your own budget and needs.

Get the best value for your property with Solpirita Homestaging. It is not about decoration, but about showing the property's full potential to prospective buyers.

If you look for an Accomodation

We are expert hosts managing quality residences in Gran Canaria.

Holiday Rentals and Seasonal Leases

Enjoy our perfect weather, incredible landscapes, and tasty food from one of Solpirita's managed residences.

Relocation Services

Don't be worried about your landing in the island.
We provide relocation support and practical giudance to couples and familes looking to settle in Gran Canaria.

Holiday Rental Services

We will provide all the support needed to operate a short-term holiday rental in your property, seasonally or full time.


We will write up your listings, which will include the main selling points of your property and the area on all leading market platforms.

Check-In / Check-Out

We will take care of receiving guests upon arrival, explaining everything they need to know about the accommodation, ensuring a happy stay, and letting them know that they can contact us whenever they need it.

Property Maintenance & Cleaning

We work with an excellent contractor ready to clean your property in the small time frame between guests staying, so it'll always be in tip-top condition in time for the next visitor.


Solpirita Property Management

Calle Nayra 146

35120 Arguineguin

Gran Canaria

(+34) 659 89 11 81

Calle Datana 48, 35120 Arguineguin, Gran Canaria
Todos los derechos reservados 2022
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